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By Default, ZDB file is created in 'C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook'.

You can change this location if you wish while setting the initial configuration or you can even do this later.

You may need this in case your C-Drive is filling up the space and want to move to a bigger drive with enough space, or you may even change this location and keep it in a directory so that in case you need to take a backup you can copy that directory instead of searching for the ZDB file.

Steps to change the ZDB file location or move the ZDB file to a new location

1. Close Outlook and make sure no Outlook process is running, this can be check from 'Task Manager'.

2. Now, go to Control Panel->Mail->Show Profile->Zimbra->Email Accounts->View or change existing settings->Zimbra MAPI Profile(click on change)->ZCB Configuration TAB.

3. Select "Store ZDB in external folder" and then mention the path where you want to Move the ZDB and then hit "Move ZDB" and then press 'OK'.

Moving ZDB file can take a lot of time when a number of shared mailboxes is big or mailboxes themselves are huge. So it can take sometime after you press OK button.

Once this is done and moving of ZDB is complete you can start Outlook again and start working.

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