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   Icon-Archive.png  - This is archive documentation, which means it is not supported or valid for recent versions of Zimbra Collaboration.


CreateZimbraProfile.exe is a Windows-based command line utility to create a Zimbra MAPI profile. It is helpful if you need to automate creation of profiles.

Note: This tool is not part of ZCS and is not supported by Zimbra Support. Use it at your own risk. To speak to other users and contribute feedback about your experiences, please use the forums.


  1. Download this zip file:
  2. Unzip it to a directory.
  3. Open a command prompt and change to that directory. Then run:
createZimbraProfile.exe profile-name server-name server-port [0|1] user-name user-pwd

   profile-name        The name of the profile to be created
   server-name         The hostname or IP of the Zimbra server
   server-port         The port of the Zimbra server (usually 80 for HTTP or 443 for HTTPS)
   [0|1]               1 for SSL connection 0 for clear
   user-name           Zimbra user name (ie,
   user-pwd            Zimbra user password

For example, to create a profile named ZimbraProfile that connects to on port 443 using SSL for with password user_pass, enter the following:

createZimbraProfile.exe ZimbraProfile 443 1 user_pass


In some cases the profile will be created even though an error message is displayed.

For example, if you specify an incorrect password, the profile will be created but the following error message is output:

Error configuring message service. hRes = 0x80040111

For a description of the error codes, see MS KB article

Verified Against: ZCS 4.5.x & ZCS 5.0.x Date Created: 2/10/2008
Article ID: Date Modified: 03/23/2015
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