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This article applies to the following ZCS versions.
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  ZCS 7.0 Article  ZCS 7.0
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REST API Method: Import Contacts

Import contacts. The default folder is "contacts" but user-defined folders are also supported.



Go to Command Format

HTTP Method



csv,vcf (Go to Response Formats)

Requires Authentication

true (Go to Authentication)


  • fmt. Required. The import format. Defaults to csv.

Usage Examples

The following examples show using the curl utility to post a file to the REST command. Be sure to replace {username} and {password} with the account username and password.

Import contacts from CSV format:

curl -{username}:{password} --upload-file /tmp/mycontacts.csv http://localhost:7070/home/john.doe/contacts?fmt=csv

Import contacts from VCF format:

curl -{username}:{password} --upload-file /tmp/mycontact.vcf http://localhost:7070/home/john.doe/contacts?fmt=vcf

Import contacts from CSV format into the user-defined folder "Contacts > MyBusinessContacts:

curl -{username}:{password} --upload-file /tmp/mycontacts.csv http://localhost:7070/home/john.doe/contacts/mybusinesscontacts?fmt=csv

Import contacts from CSV format into the user-defined folder "SalesContacts:

curl -{username}:{password} --upload-file /tmp/mycontacts.csv http://localhost:7070/home/john.doe/salescontacts?fmt=csv

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