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Zimlet Ideas

Write a Zimlet some ideas include:

  • SugarCRM Zimlet - integration with SugarCRM
  • Quick Filters (drag an email and prepopulate a new email filter)
  • Message Reminder DnD a message to the Zimlet and pick a time/day to be reminded again about that mail. Done:
  • Request Tracker Zimlet - integration with request tracker
  • Ssh Zimlet - integration with ssh client on Linux/Unix/OSX, putty on Windows, or one of the java ssh applets
  • Trac Zimlet - integration with trac
  • Web Comic Zimlet - Clicking on the name of a web comic takes you to there
  • Bugzilla Zimlet - automatically detecting bugzilla bug numbers and displaying summary information with mouseover
  • Moodle Zimlet - integration with moodle
  • New idea: Offshore Vendor Monitoring - alert when a state department notice has been issued regarding the part of the world your offshore vendors are located
  • JIRA Zimlet - Integration with Atlassian's JIRA bug, issue, and project tracker
  • Microsoft Axapta ERP Zimlet - Integration with Microsoft Axapta ERP (also called Dynamics AX : [1])
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