Outlook 2007 improvements in the February 2009 cumulative update

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Speedier Outlook, reliable, faster shutdowns, some calendar fixes and others

   Outlook 2007 SP2 update breaks From: line of messages saved to Sent folder. bug 37146
   To address this issue ZimbraOlkConnector-5.0.16_GA_2922_5.0.2990.16.msi is now available in the support portal.

Outlook 2007 SP2 (April 28, 2009) introduced performance optimizations, fast shutdown, calendar fixes and a number of other fixes.

A hotfix/rollup (February 24, 2009) of the performance/fast shutdown is available even without applying all of SP2. If you are experiencing shutdown or performance issues with ZCO we recommend installing this hotfix.

Details the fixes in the hotfix and what is in SP2 is listed here:


The updates are downloadable here:



Notable performance improvements:

   * General Responsiveness
     SP2 reduces I/O disk usage and UI response time.
   * Startup
     SP2 removes long operations from initial startup.
   * Shutdown
     SP2 makes Outlook exit predictably despite pending activities.
   * Folder/View Switch
     SP2 improves view rendering and folder switching.
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