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Are you sure you don't want SMTP Authentication?

Modifying the relay networks

If you want to allow additional hosts or networks to send email through your MTA, you add them to the allowed relay list. Be careful, misconfiguration of this can allow malicious outsiders to send spam through your system.

Getting the existing value

Run these commands on your MTA server:

 su - zimbra
 zmprov gs `zmhostname` | grep zimbraMtaMyNetworks

If nothing is returned, you're using the postfix default - fetch that with:

 su - zimbra
 postconf -d mynetworks

Setting the new value

To add hosts, you'll need to add to the existing value you just fetched:

 su - zimbra
 zmprov ms `zmhostname` zimbraMtaMyNetworks " a.b.c.0/24 w.x.y.z/32"

The quotes above are important.

When specifying an address range, it is important that the start of the address range is used. Thus, is valid (because the address block starts at BUT, is not (as it is not the start of the block range ~

Restart the services when done.

See also ZimbraMtaMyNetworks

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