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How To Link A Remote iCal (ics) Calendar Into Your Zimbra Calendar

  • This will show you how to link a remote ICS calendar into your Zimbra calendar
  • If you are linking your Zimbra calendar to a remote Zimbra calendar where the users share the same LDAP server, you can simply share to their email address, and it should work.
  • For all other remote calendars, you must link the calendar using iCal (ics) format.
  • Remote calendars that require a user/password are supported as of ZCS 4.5, implemented through these fixes:
    • Zimbra-hosted feeds don't support '@' in username [1]
    • REST folder.fmt is broken [2]


  • Construct a valid source URL for your remote calendar. Some example URL's: (No authenticatin required - PHP iCal server) (No authentication required - Unrelated Zimbra server) (Authentication Required - Unrelated Zimbra Server - ZCS 4.5  Only)
Note: The '?fmt=ics' is required for zimbra iCal shares until bug 12373 is fixed (
Note: The '@' is a URL-encoded representation of the '@' symbol which is necessary so the server doesn't get confused with the other '@' in the URL
  • In your target Zimbra calendar, right click 'calendars' and select 'New Calendar'
  • Enter a Name for you new calendar
  • Click the checkbox 'Synchronize appointments from remote calendar' (a new field appears for the URL)
  • Now paste in the URL into the box and Click OK.

Problems? If you got any errors (URL unreachable, etc), then there is a problem with the URL or it may require authentication.

  • Note: You can right-click the reload the calendar from the remote at any time. I'm not sure how long Zimbra will cache the calendar before reload.

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