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This article applies to the following ZCS versions.
  ZCS 7.0 Article  ZCS 7.0
  ZCS 6.0 Article  ZCS 6.0
  ZCS 5.0 Article  ZCS 5.0

For the most recent information on this CLI, including syntax and description, see ZCS Administrator's Guide Network Edition > Appendix A Command-Line Utilities.


ZCS 6.0.x


This command is used to manage Zimlets and to list all zimlets on the server. See Working with Zimlets. Most Zimlet deployment can be competed from the Zimbra administration console.


zmzimletctl {-l} {command} <|config.xml|zimlet>


Long Name Short Name Description
deploy <> Creates the Zimlet entry in the LDAP server, installs the zimlet files on the Server, grants, access to the members of the default COS, and turns on the Zimlet
undeploy <zimlet> Uninstall a zimlet from the zimbra server
install <> Installs the Zimlet files on the host
ldapDeploy <zimlet> Adds the Zimlet entry to the LDAP
enable <zimlet> Enables the Zimlet
disable <zimlet> Disables the Zimlet
acl deny, to a COS
listAcls <zimlet> Lists the ACLs for the Zimlets
listZimlets View details about all Zimlets on the server
getConfigTemplate <> Extracts the configuration template from the file
configure <config.xml> Installs the configuration
listPriority Shows the current Zimlet priorities (0 is high, 9 is low)
setPriority <zimlet> Sets the Zimlet priority

ZCS 5.0.x

ZCS 4.5.x

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