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This article applies to the following ZCS versions.
  ZCS 7.0 Article  ZCS 7.0
  ZCS 6.0 Article  ZCS 6.0
  ZCS 5.0 Article  ZCS 5.0

For the most recent information on this CLI, including syntax and description, see ZCS Administrator's Guide Network Edition > Appendix A Command-Line Utilities.


ZCS 6.0.x


This command can be used to manage storage volumes from the CLI. Volumes can be easily managed from the administration console, Server, Volume tab.


zmvolume {-a|-d|-l|-e|-dc|-sc} [options]


Long Name Short Name Description
--add -a Adds a volume
--compress -c <arg> Compress BLOBs; “true” or “false”
--compressionThreshold -ct Compression threshold; default 4KB
--delete -d Deletes a volume
--displayCurrent -dc Displays the current volume
--edit -e Edits a volume
--help -h Shows the help for the usage options for this tool.
--id -id <arg> Volume ID
--list -l Lists volumes
--name -n <arg> Volume name
--path -p <arg> Root path
--server -s <arg> Mail server hostname. Default is localhost.
--setCurrent -sc Sets the current volume
--type -t <arg> Volume type (primaryMessage, secondaryMessage, or index)
--turnOffSecondary -ts Turns off the current secondary message volume

ZCS 5.0.x

ZCS 4.5.x

Verified Against: ZCS 6.0.x Date Created: 5/3/2006
Article ID: Date Modified: 03/25/2015
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